what's stuck on me?

this is the digital playground of a closet html programmer, yearning to spread his wings and fly one day, but not like a pegasus, more like icarus, in the more manly fashion that led zeppelin portrayed him.

word of caution, this site contains unmatched awesomeness that all who lay eyes upon this site will be blinded. sun glasses should be worn at all times while viewing this site to prevent permanent eye damage. webmaster not respsonible for personal injury or death occuring from viewing of this site.

areas of interest that you may note on this site include, but are not limited to:

  • gallery - various objects of which to enjoy for your viewing pleasure
  • interets of mine, not necessarily of yours, and none of which of the guy standing behind you (ha! made you look)
  • a little (more) about me
  • maybe i want to hear from you, maybe i don't, but one way to found out

"for millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. then something happened which unleased the power of our imaginations; we learned to talk."

stephen hawking